How to get Involved

3 Easy Steps to Make an Impact

1. Prepare/Buy Meals and Print CFTHL Flyers

and / or

Buy Jackets and Print CFTHL Flyers

Buy supplies for meal preparation or order meals at a restaurant. Try to keep meals around $5 - $7 (USD) each so we can maximize our money use.

Buy jackets at a local thrift or discount store. Try to keep jackets around $10 - $20 (USD) each so we can maximize our money use.

Take pictures of receipts and the food/jackets that correspond

2. Hand Out Resources to the Homeless

Go out into your community and hand out food and/or jackets and take pictures of your outing! Please kindly ask the person you're helping if a picture of them with the flyer can be taken for the purpose of expanding this project.

At the very least we would appreciate you getting pictures of yourself handing out the food/jackets with the flyer if the above is not possible

3. Fill out and Submit Google Form

Please input all the information of your contribution and upload your pictures here. The team will get back to you within 48 hours.

If you are seeking reimbursement, it is really important you insert your information correctly

Impacting the World, One Person at a Time

Want to Donate Instead?

Your contribution to the mission is greatly appreciated